miniaim is no longer distributed in uncompressed form. If you wish to use an uncompressed version of miniaim, for some reason, download UPX and use it to decompress miniaim.

Before you download miniaim, please note my screenname: fakeusername. It will be added to your list under the group "Buddies" and with the alias "miniaim creator."

Also before downloading, note that the v0.2.3 of miniaim is very old and looks and acts nothing like the miniaim rewrite, v0.3. Only use it if you were comfortable with classic miniaim.

Viewing user profiles over TOC is a bit messy. If you get a 404 page when checking someone's profile, refresh the page. I have had to refresh the page 20 times to get it to work.

Dimension Error has noted that running miniaim from Firefox in Windows XP, after downloading it, sets your working directory as your Windows XP home directory. This prevents your miniaim.ini from writing to the proper place (the directory from which it is run). I suggest downloading to the directory of your choice and opening miniaim from there.

miniaim beta test alpha/test version (63.5k)rel 09/11/2006
miniaim v0.3 beta 3 "fixed" stable (81.0k)rel 01/12/2006
miniaim v0.2.3 old (47k)rel 08/24/2005
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